Simple line chart
Line scatter diagram
Stacked bar chart
Horizontal bar chart
Simple pie chart
Gauge chart
Holes in data Chart
Filled holes in data chart
Only whole numbers chart
Line chart with area
Only whole numbers chart
Using events to replace graph
Advance Smil Animations
Line Interpolation / Smoothing :

By default Chartist uses a cardinal spline algorithm to smooth the lines. However, like all other things in Chartist, this can be customized easily! Check out the API Documentation for more smoothing options.

Series Overrides :
By naming your series using the series object notation with a name property, you can enable the individual configuration of series specific settings.
showLine, showPoint, 
showArea and even the smoothing function can be overriden per series! And guess what? You can even override those series settings in the responsive configuration! Check the example code for more details.
BI-Polar bar chart
Overlapping Bars on Mobile
Add Peak Circles Using draw events
Multi lines lables
Extreme responsive configuration
Distributed Series Chart
Label Placement
Pie chart with custom lables
Donut chart using fill
Gauge Chart Using Fill