Welcome To Millionaire Muslimah
Millionaire Muslimah is a movement designed to enable Muslim women to find abundant financial freedom through online business startup. At some point in our lives we are stressing about how we will pay for groceries or where the money for the next rent check will come from- that is living from paycheck to paycheck and I think it is about time for Muslim women to move out of this situation into one where they are truly financially free and relying only on Allah swt, following in the footsteps of Khadijah RA.

To quote a woman’s experience, “I went from being the perfect mom and the perfect wife to broke, unemployed, and alone. No one calls you poor when you’re married and staying at home with your kids – not even when all the money really belongs to your husband. You think, “His money is our money,” and so on. Then one day he leaves and takes everything with him – except the kids, thank God. I didn’t even know where to mail the mortgage. Now my kids and I live at home with my parents. When you’re in your twenties and you move back in with your parents, people think you’re lost and trying to find your way. When you’re forty and move back in, everyone thinks you’re pathetic.”

You see, financial dependence is marked by risk and vulnerability vis-a-vis your very survival. Beyond the numbers, it’s about you not being willing and/or able to take care of yourself and those who literally depend on you for their well-being if you had to.