Test Your IQ PHP Script

IQ Test Script – is a PHP script for determining of visitors’ IQ. It functions as a fully independent page, which can be installed easily and let make money for you. 
This script is connected to PayPal payment gateway and every user must pay after the test completing a fee chosen by you in a chosen currency (can be set easily). After payment the user is redirected directly to his/her result and all wrong answers are displayed to him/her.
All text phrases are stored in one text file and thus it is possible to translate the script into any language by means of a text editor.
The script is really undemanding for server conditions. It requires ca 20 Mb of space and is completely maintenance-free.

Running site for demonstration: http://testyouriqnow.com

  1. Unpack archive and upload content of folder TestYourIQ to your webserver.
  2. Create MYSQL database and import database.sql
  3. Set CHMOD 777 to folder upload
  4. Open db.php and fill your database connection
  5. Open URL /cms/admin.php with login admin and password admin
  6. Check Settings and save.
  7. That´s it ;)
  1. In the unpacked directory find folder "Language Files"
  2. Choose your language and find language.php
  3. Upload this file to server and overwrite the original file /language/language.php